Animattter - Additional Image



When a secret U.S military experiment is damaged by scientist and co-creator Andrea Page, things are soon to change for our teenage heroes Jefferson, Whitney and Rock, who live in the small  town of Complacency.

The experiment was intended to create super fighting soldiers by locking onto military targets on the battlefield and transforming them via an electrically charged space satellite beam. That is, until peace loving Andrea Page blows up the satellite causing a piece of the satellite’s transmitter to fall to the ground near our heroes hang out place. Taking their phones out to film this event, one final burst of energy charges their phones with electrical energy, dosing it with a bizarre thing they will soon refer to as Animattter. Triggered when the kids take a photo on their phone, Animattter creates extraordinary transformations, amazing creatures resulting in huge chase sequences with excessive amounts of running and hiding.

24 X 30’ minutes, live action and CGI comedy drama

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